Saturday, May 06, 2006

sheep in the city

Alfie and Buddy stopped traffic last night when they entered their pen in front of the shop. People in cars and on buses reached for their cell phones and took pictures. Passers-by stopped and gave Alfie a pat.

Of course Margrit Lohrer and Albrecht Pichler were here, too! Knitters and farm enthusiasts alike lined up to talk to them and to get Margrit to sign their copy of her fantastic new book - Morehouse Farm Merino Knits.

The evening was a blur of talking with friends and making new ones. Fortunately, Laura and Marc caught some great pictures.

Alfie from Morehouse Farm
This is Alfie.

Buddy from Morehouse Farm
This is Buddy.

Margrit Lohrer, Albrecht Pichler and the Loop Staff
front row: Albrecht Pichler and Margrit Lohrer from Morehouse Farm,
Loop Staff members Rachel, Laura and Kathy; back row:Loop Staff
members Craig and Grace.

Girl and Buddy
A customer's daughter pets Alfie.

Girl and Buddy
She's too cute for just one photo!

Martha's friends
Martha brought her neighbors to see the sheep. They weren't
thrilled that we wanted a picture!

Group watching the sheep.
This group really liked the sheep!

Albrecht, Margrit and Craig
Albrecht, Margrit, and Craig.

We had a wonderful time with Albrecht and Margrit, and as with all good times, it passed too quickly. We helped Albrecht get Alfie and Buddy back in the trailer and sweep up the hay they hadn't eaten, and then they were off to their next stop.

Before she left, we asked Margrit to sign a few extra copies of her book for those of you who couldn't be here last night; you can order one online or stop in the shop. It's a great way to get a little of the farm in your life!