Wednesday, October 04, 2006

everyone needs a sanctuary

Lately, I have been knitting in fits and starts. I have a few rows started in different yarns on many needles in lots of places. I was casting about for something wonderful to cast on. Not suprisingly, I found it when our Alchemy shipment arrived. We received 5 solids and 5 colorways in Sanctuary, a 70% wool/ 30% silk blend. This yarn is gorgeous!!

I took a skein of Pablo's Solace home over the weekend along with Alchemy's Cabled Gauntlet pattern. I cast on, and a very short time later I had this:

I cannot believe how much I love this yarn. It has such a pretty sheen and a lovely hand. It practically leapt onto my needles. Two skeins make a pair of the full length gloves and one makes a sweet pair of handwarmers.

Sanctuary was definitely the knitting fix I needed. Now I am well rested and clear headed enough to start scheming for a new sweater in this fantastic yarn!!