Monday, February 12, 2007

a tale of two jackets

It all started when Rebecca No. 32 arrived. Laura, Grace, and I went through it, seeing what we wanted to knit, and Grace found the Jacket worked in Rounds -

(As a side note, one of the things I loved best about Rebecca magazine is the pattern names. Nothing like "Helen" or "Bella" or "The Wanderer's Coat" - nope, just what it is. Jacket worked in Rounds.)

We loved the design, but it was knit out of Aspen yarn, which we didn't have at the time. So instead, Grace suggested using Bel Air and Soft Kid yarns together, and promptly pulled several possible combinations from the shelf.

One of our customers was here at the time, and she decided to use the Stone Soft Kid with Brown Bel Air. She was kind enough to lend us the resulting jacket, which is displayed in one of our front windows.

Jacket worked in Rounds
You need 8 balls of each yarn to knit the pattern as it is written. 10 balls of each were used for this coat to make it a little larger.

The jacket looks great on everyone and many have knit it for themselves. We brought in Aspen yarn, so we could see it as the designer intended. Laura knit it up in a jiffy, and her jacket now sits in the other window.

Jacket worked in Rounds
This version was knit with 20 balls of Aspen.

Jackets worked in Rounds
Here you can see them together.

In addition to using the various yarns from GGH, the jacket has been knit in yarns as different as Terra (12 skeins were used) and a combination of Love and Tonal. It just goes to show that you can get fantastic results when use patterns as a guide and incorporate your own tastes and style.