Friday, October 27, 2006

Janet's scribble lace and waterfall

Janet's known for her good color sense and her love of blues. So it was no surprise when she chose to knit a shawl in bright blues and subtle greens.

Janet calls it her Waterfall Shawl. The contrast between the dense garter stitch of the thick Bulky Hand Paints and the open seed stitch of the thin Blue Sky Sportweight is just beautiful. The greens are a perfect background for the turquoise, which really pops.

Debbie New explored this interplay of thick and thin when she wrote about scribble lace in her book, Unexpected Knitting. The idea is to intersperse rows of a thick yarn in with thinner yarns, making it appear as if the thick yarn is floating.

Laura used this technique with Haiku, a lace weight mohair from Alchemy, and Terra. Not only is the Terra thicker, it has a very organic spin which adds further depth to the piece.

Janet knit herself a version of Laura's scarf in - surprise! - blue.

Scribble lace is wonderful because there are so many variations and because it knits up quickly. Stay tuned for Grace's fun take on scribble lace!