Saturday, October 28, 2006

an evening with Melissa

Fans, friends, and alums from last winter's classes came last night to see Melissa Leapman and her new book, Cables Untangled.

Like so many others, I've always been a little intimidated by cables; not because they're difficult necessarily but because they require so much attention. (I'll confess that most of my knitting happens in front of the TV or while I'm talking with other knitters!) So I was surprised when Melissa said she wrote this book because cables are her favorite kind of knitting. She assured me that cables don't require all the energy I thought, especially since many of the motifs can be memorized as you repeat them.

Cables Untangled begins with a comprehensive guide to cabling that explains cables and twists, reading charts, designing with cables, and related techniques. There are great illustrations and Melissa's clear teaching style really comes through in writing.

The pattern section of the book starts with easier projects and progresses to the more complex. There are over 20 designs including garments, accessories, and home items.

This is one of the first patterns in the book - a comfy sweater with a big cable down the front. Melissa helped Lori, one of her new fans, pick the lilac shade of Blue Sky Bulky Hand Dyes for her sweater.

Melissa brought this sweater with her for us to see. It's a great project for the adventurous cable knitter. And kids' sweaters are a fun way to try out new skills.

Even though we tend to think of cables on winter sweaters, Melissa designed this summer tank in a light weight bulky cotton.

Cables Untangled ends with a large dictionary of 100 cable stitches. I didn't realize until last night that Melissa designed many of these herself, they are originals that can only be found here.

When the night ended and we said our good-byes, everyone left with their autographed copy in hand, planning their first - or latest - cable venture. If you didn't make it last night, come get your copy and get cabling!