Saturday, November 04, 2006

kureyon stripes

I chose Kureyon for the first scarf I knit. It was winter and the rich browns and warm reds of a certain colorway called to me. I loved the rustic feel of the wool between my fingers - and later around my neck!

This year as the weather has cooled, Kureyon beckoned once again. This time, I wanted even more color than one colorway could give. I chose four.

The scarf’s just a K2, P2 rib over 40 stitches. The fun comes from knitting with 2 balls at a time, working 2 rows from the first and 2 rows from the second. There's no need to cut the yarn, you just leave one hanging and grab the other (always bringing the new one from the front). To keep the edges neat, I slipped the first stitch of every row.

I finished the first 2 skeins and started with the next two. At 60 inches, I bound off. The fringe is made with yarn from the last 2 skeins. I hadn't saved any from the first two because I didn't know I was going to make fringe. Next time, I'll save a little from all four skeins.

There are lots of possibilities for variations on this scarf. You could use only 1 colorway but two balls at a time or use 2 colorways all the way through. For mine I paired a bright colorway with a dark colorway for lots of contrast, but you could chose four colorways with less contrast for more subtle stripes.

However you approach it, Kureyon is a great winter yarn that will warm any cool day.