Sunday, November 12, 2006

Madeline's magic

Madeline purchased 3 Magic Balls, 2 in Ocean and 1 in Underwater. Then she did a little magic of her own.

shawl knit with Magic Loop yarn
Sensational! Here's how Madeline did it; she writes -

I separated each ball into mini-balls and pretty much kept them in order but interspersing the darker colors among the lighter in a balanced manner. Borrowing a bit from Morehouse Merino's Bohemian Shawl, I loosely cast on 170 stitches with #9 needles, knit the first and last 12 stitches of each row, and worked seed stitch inbetween. (I did leave out the eyelash yarn and the sparkly bits, which I'll save for gift-wrapping ribbons.) Each time I came to the end of a yarn, I went on to the next color. I washed it in Eucalan and it's soft and heavenly.
It's a great example of what following your instincts can lead to. Thanks for sharing it with us, Madeline!