Friday, December 15, 2006

Kathy's kersti sweater

Last week Kathy came in wearing her beautiful, just-finished, Kersti sweater. It took a little cajoling, but she let us take this picture so we could share it with you.

Kathy's sweater knit in Koigu's Kersti yarn
Kathy's been knitting longer than anyone at Loop. She possesses a wealth of knitting knowledge and a seemingly limitless supply of patience, as many of our local customers know. Like many experienced knitters, she doesn't always use a pattern, which is the case with her latest creation.

Kathy chose a stitch pattern, did a few calculations, and started knitting. She did some experimenting and re-knit sections that she wasn't pleased with. The result is a spectacular sweater that fits perfectly. It's a great example of what you can do when you leave a pattern behind and get adventurous with your knitting.

Thanks again for letting us take that picture, Kathy!