Saturday, June 16, 2007

Grace's farewell party

On Thursday evening we said farewell to Grace, who's last day at Loop is next week. To answer the 2 most popular questions: no, she's not leaving Philadelphia and no, she's not sure what she'll do next. When you're young and talented you have lots of options; taking a little time to plan the next step, and to take a well-deserved break, seems very wise indeed.

Even though it was her party, Grace baked nut-free carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing. They were so delicious that there wasn't a single one left! I wonder if she'll still bake for us when she doesn't work here?

There was not only food, but gifts! I didn't see them all, but there was a set of Pony double-pointed needles in a range of sizes - a great gift for your sock-knitting friends, and an impressive basket from Margerita and Deena.

Grace's Farewell Doritos

Remembering Grace's fondness for Doritos, Margerita and Deena gave her a basket containing every variety in multiple sizes. As soon as this picture was taken, Grace rushed the Doritos to the stockroom to prevent them from being eaten. She was overheard saying something about her couch, the Doritos and Oprah.

We usually forget to take pictures at our parties, but we did take a few this night. Unfortunately, not many came out well (we're used to photographing yarn, which doesn't move around so much!) and nobody wants to see a bad photo of themselves on the internet. So here's the only other good one - and fortunately one of our favorite subjects to boot -

Deena and Eve

This is Deena again with her adorable daughter Eve who, as you can see, thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Grace was thrilled that so many folks came to wish her well and she appreciated the many gifts she received! Again, she'll be here through Thursday, so if you missed the party, there's still time to visit.