Saturday, June 23, 2007

hemp for summer

This summer we're carrying Hemp for Knitting's yarns, allhemp3 - a fingering weight - and allhemp6 - a DK weight. Hemp, like linen, is a plant fiber. It is cool and crisp to knit, and softens with each machine wash and dry. You can read more about hemp and its history at Hemp for Knitting's site.

Hemp for Knitting has created a beautiful collection of designs for both yarns. A sampling of the designs can be found on our site; there are many more in the store. To help introduce us and you to hemp, Hemp for Knitting sent us 2 samples, which are now in the shop.

Hemp Knitted Tank and Skirt
This is the Favorite Summer Tank, which is knit in several shades of allhemp3, and the Lovely Leaf Lace Skirt, which is knit in allhemp6. Both are great summer projects that you'll where again and again.

It's fun to experiment with new and different fibers. Take a look at the hemp yarns on your next visit and see what you can knit!

If you're intrigued by hemp and want to learn more about it and other non-wool yarns, remember that Amy Singer, founder and editor of Knitty, will be here on Sunday, August 26 teaching a class based on her new book called No Sheep for You. The details are on the right hand side of the Classes & Events section of our site.