Saturday, March 10, 2007

oh, the possibilities!

Ever since Grace re-arranged the Koigu on Wednesday to incorporate the latest shipment, I find myself standing at the shelf, captivated by the colors.

Koigu's KPPPM and Kersti
That's KPM and KPPPM in the two columns on the left and Kersti in the two columns on the right. There's about 60 colors of each, some of which can be seen up close here.

Koigu's KPPPM in oranges and pinks
It's fun to just grab different combinations - all greens or all blues, all brights or all darks - even just random hanks - from the shelf and see what happens.

Koigu's KPPPM in blues and greens

I don't know how our friends from the north do it; I'm just glad that they do!