Saturday, June 30, 2007

new bamboo colors from alchemy

Alchemy Yarns is in a class by themselves when it comes to hand painted yarn. It doesn't look like color has been applied to yarn; it appears as if the yarn and the color are somehow one.

If I sound a little infatuated, it's because I am. When a shipment from Alchemy Yarn arrives, we literally lay it out on the table and stare. And that's exactly what happened last week when new Bamboo Elements and Bamboo Colorways arrived.

Alchemy Bamboo Yarns
These are just a few of my favorites. From left to right, that's Barceloneta, Green Plum, and Limeade.

Bamboo is a sport weight yarn with wonderful drape and a silky appearance and feel. It's great to knit and a fun way to add a shot of color to your summer knitting!