Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stitch N' Pitch Philadelphia - at the game!

The needlearts and baseball met last night in Philadelphia's Citizen's Bank Park for Stitch N' Pitch Philadelphia! Over 1400 knitters and stitchers filled the stands to watch the Phillies beat the Reds, 11-4.

Earlier in the afternoon, we had a chance to go into the Phillies' dugout. Here's Laura, me, and Elizabeth (from left to right) sitting in the shade while the players stretched on the field.

Stitch N' Pitch Philadelphia in the Dugout
After the gates opened, there were tables where we taught folks to knit. Here's Elizabeth with another volunteer explaining the knit stitch.

Stitch N' Pitch Philadelphia Teaching Table
I had the honor of throwing the first pitch. My biggest concern was getting the ball to the catcher, who I didn't realize would be the Phillie Phanatic. I made it and he rewarded me with a bear hug. Then he wrapped me in the 8 foot long scarf we'd knit him and ran circles around me.

Stitch N' Pitch Philadelphia Score Board
After the game started and we'd had a chance to eat, we returned to the teaching tables. Here's Team Loop (from left to right) Kathy, Laura, me, and Elizabeth. Our other Kathy was home sick, but she was with us in spirit!

Stitch N' Pitch Philadelphia Team Loop
There were lots of other photos taken through the night. Hopefully we'll have a few more to share. Please send us any that you might have taken and we'll post them for everyone to see.

The Phillies' big win was a great ending to a super fun night! Thanks to everyone for coming out!